Datamining lab publiceerde deze week een lijstje met redenen waarom datamining zo interessant en leuk om te doen is. Hieronder de top10:

1. You can train your computer to do things you can’t.
2. The methods are complicated, but the applications are intuitive.
3. It can save/make lots of money.
4. Data mining has applications in nearly any area you can think of.
5. You get to deal with data sets larger than you could ever process in your mind.
6. There are big developments taking place in the industry.
7. Data mining algorithms attempt to model how things work in biology and the real world. (ie. Neural networks/genetic algorithms)
8. There is no one size fits all solution when it comes to data mining.
9. You help make the statement “I have more data than I know what to do with” obsolete.
10. Your results can make an immediate impact in whatever industry you are involved in.

De combinatie van 3 en 4 maakt het voor mij interessant. Datamining maakt het mogelijk om klantgedrag, hoe irrationeel ook, te voorspellen en zo grip op de klant te houden/krijgen.

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