Een tijdje geleden schreef ik hier over 4Q, een gratis online survey tool waarin 4 vragen aan de website bezoeker kunnen worden gesteld. Een leuke en handige tool, maar met wel wat beperkingen. Natuurlijk zijn er op internet onnoemelijk veel online survey tools te vinden (tik maar eens ‘online survey tool’ in Google in). Via Jethro Wallenburg’s Web Analytics Facts werd ik gewezen op deze post van Rich Page, waarin 9 online tools worden vergeleken. Hieronder de lijst:

1: QuestionPro
Price: Monthly - $15 for basic, $199 for advanced, $2999 for enterprise.
Functionality: Meets most survey needs, with varying levels of service.
Great for: Creating more advanced surveys, including use of custom variables to collect other user details.
Lacking: User interface could be better, basic level could be more competitive.
Rating: 7/10

2: 4Q
Price: FREE
Functionality: Limited to a predefined set up questions (by design), good for getting a website ’pulse’.
Great for: Getting some great quick visitor insight, with insightful questions.
Lacking: The ability to change the preset questions, and lack customization.
Rating: 7/10

3: Survey Monkey
Price: FREE for basic, for Pro it is $19.95 a month or $200 a year.
Functionality: Great for inexperienced surveyers who are looking to get their surveying feet wet.
Great for: Setting up quick, simple surveys, with simple personalization options.
Lacking: Analysis is very limited, and doesn’t offer many advanced features like popup surveying.
Rating: 6.5/10

4: Omniture Survey
Price: Cost per response generated, and setup fee (call for more details)
Functionality: A more serious, full scale surveying solution, and links well with Site Catalyst traffic data.
Great for: Integrating surveys results into regular website analysis. Great pricing model - you are charged for what results you get.
Lacking: A cheaper option for more simple surveying needs, with limited functionality.
Rating: 7.5/10

5: Opinion Lab
Price: Dependent on amount of sites - $30,000 for first site per year, less for additional sites.
Functionality: Advanced page-based surveying tool - allows you to collect results for each website page.
Great for: Gathering more detailed feedback on each of your website pages, and great analysis options.
Lacking: A cheaper, lower end solution for smaller sites.
Rating: 8.5/10

6: Kampyle
Price: FREE
Functionality: Provides a way to easily gather feedback on your pages.
Great for: Collecting and analyzing feedback on your site, with a fantastic, easy to use interface.
Lacking: An easy way to customize questions asked - needs more surveying type, open-ended questions.
Rating: 8.5/10

7: ForeSee
Price: Customized pricing plans, depending on surveying needs.
Functionality: Best in class surveying solution, even allows you to compare results to competitors.
Great for: Getting the highest level of insight possible.
Lacking: Any options for the smaller scale surveying needs.
Rating: 9/10

8: Survey Gizmo
Price: Basic Level: FREE. Personal: $19 per month. Pro: $49 per month. Enterprise: $159 per month
Functionality: Meets the needs of most survey types, from beginner to advanced survey creators.
Great for: All types of surveys, and includes custom variables to collect other user details.
Lacking: Experience? Relatively new company.
Rating: 9/10

9: SurveyMethods
Basic: FREE. Advanced: $9 per month. Professional: $39 per month.
Functionality: Basic, site surveying tool, similar to SurveyMonkey.
Great for: Setting up simple, quick surveys, for cheap.
Lacking: Advanced options, and lacks good customization options and question options.
Rating: 6/10

Natuurlijk zijn er nog tal van andere goede (gratis) tools beschikbaar. Graag hoor ik jullie ervaringen met online survey tools.

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  1. Bedankt voor de overzicht, precies wat ik zocht!

  2. For your consideration:

    Survey™ is a free open source web based survey and form engine toolkit for Microsoft .Net. written in and C#.

    A demo version is available at
    Sources and releases are published at

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